Pressure Sensitive Envelopes & Coated Products

The shipping process has the potential to encounter numerous problems on any given day. One of those problems is when a packing list or packing slip falls off a package or ends up lost. This can cause a great deal of confusion for many people along the way and can easily be remedied with the use of high-quality, pressure-sensitive envelopes.

LPS Manufactured Pressure Sensitive Envelopes & Coated Products

As a leader in the shipping industry, LPS Industries is driven to continue with ongoing in-house research and development in an effort to bring our customers many new innovative products that the market has demanded. These products include our versatile pressure-sensitive envelopes.

Complete Label®

Our Complete Label® selection are pressure-sensitive adhesive labels that feature our specially formulated adhesive backing for either permanent or removable applications.


Our Pres-Quick® packing list or packing slip envelopes feature a specially formulated hot melt adhesive for strong bonding and secure, consistent application. A range of different styles and sizes are available to address the different needs of our customers.

Custom Coated

As a manufacturer, we have the option to offer customer coating and custom manufacturing to our customers. We offer a large variety of specialty coatings that can be applied to various materials, increasing your customization potential.

Why Choose LPS Industries for Pressure-Sensitive Envelopes?

As always, our main concern at LPS Industries is ensuring that our customers are able to ship and receive products and merchandise that have been packaged safely and securely. Part of that means manufacturing high-quality shipping products and equipment that meets industry standards, which also includes pressure-sensitive envelopes. At LPS Industries, we don’t just manufacture one thing right, but we work hard to maintain high-quality standards throughout our entire product line.