Pres-Quick Packing List Envelopes

Pres-Quick Pressure Sensitive Envelopes: What You Need to Know

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What are Pres-Quick Pressure Sensitive Envelopes?

When important documents or other valuable content must be shipped without fear of damage along the way, LPS Industries has the solution…Pres-Quick pressure sensitive envelopes. They are the preferred choice of shipping and logistics companies worldwide.

The pressure sensitive backing adheres to virtually any shipping surface making Pres-Quick one of the most popular brands on the market. What’s more, packing list manufacturers made them easy to apply and remove. The end result? Another LPS Industries success story protecting your documents from unexpected moisture or other potential threatening damage.

Types of Pres-Quick Pressure Sensitive Envelopes

Pres-Quick pressure sensitive envelopes come in a variety of different types to satisfy a world of different needs…

1. End Loader
Remember the old phrase “Waste not, want not”? That’s a perfect example of why the packing list envelopes manufacturers designed the End Loader. It allows you to remove your documents easily and then re-insert them when necessary. In short, the End Loader is totally re-useable.

2. Recessed Face
Need another re-useable solution? LPS Industries has the answer. The Recessed Face model. It’s ideal for housing cards or other important papers. It features a larger back and small opening perfect for storing tracking cards or other documents.

3. Back Loader
When extra security is needed, the Back Leader is the obvious choice. It is perfect for housing very important materials in it safely for much longer periods of time. In fact, this is the reason it has become extremely popular in the corporate world. Back Leader’s construction requires it be ripped open, an intentional design ingredient for tamper-proof protection.

4. Special Tape
Special needs require special solutions. This couldn’t be more self-evident than when your business seeks additional safety and security shipping important materials internationally. At LPS industries, that special solution is Special Tape. This model allows the envelope to be opened several times keeping your contents protected time and time again while shielded from dust, dirt and moisture.

Quality and Performance

Although Pres-Quick packing list envelopes are a relatively new concept in the market for just the past several years, packing list envelope manufacturers knew there was a pent up demand for this type of product. In response, Pres-Quick envelopes filled that void and are now sold by the millions annually.
In particular, their popularity has become a mainstay of the corporate sector. Addressing these market needs required that strict quality control procedures be established to insure the pressure-sensitive adhesives satisfy only the highest standards. Subsequently, LPS Industries has R&D and Quality Assurance programs aimed at maintaining its ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certification.
In the packing list envelope category, one size does not fit all. Therefore, LPS Industries goes to great lengths offering special customizing options. This customization criteria is based on use, be it reclosable, size of envelopes and type of graphics required. Following are the common choices available:

  • Standard envelopes in quarter face and clear face. You can also find the printed full face from the huge collection of legends and sizes.
  • If you are looking for environmentally friendly options, green tinted 100% recycled poly variety are available as well. These envelopes are made of clear or quarter face print using solar power.
  • Regarding corporate use, many customers look for options that stay in place and resist the harshest climate conditions. For this purpose, extra stick industrial strength adhesives are an option to keep your packing list secure.
  • You can also opt for paper clasp envelopes to tape, staple, and nail on surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, or cardboard preventing them from water and other damaging materials. These water-resistant paper envelopes come with or without metal eyelets.

Construction of Pres-Quick Envelopes

Determining whether the envelopes will be intended for single or multiple use is of key importance in the construction of Pres-Quick Envelopes. For example, specially formulated adhesives and silicone release liner along with additional closures or zippers is instrumental in creating reclosable envelopes. Either type of construction delivers enhanced safety and protection for those highly important documents shipping domestically or internationally.

Pressure Sensitive Envelopes with LPS Industries

In today’s Global business world, demand for Pres-Quick Packing list envelopes has skyrocketed.

Why? Because the need for more international shipments of important documents has increased dramatically. In addition, the stress on packaging traveling these much greater distances requires much better quality and performance from them…the type that LPS Industries delivers in all shapes, sizes and features with the ability to bond securely and safely with an assortment of different options.