Flexible Packaging Solutions for the Medical Industry

Flexible Packaging Solutions for the Medical Industry

Flexible medical packaging helps to ensure product integrity during shipping and transport, but specific needs must be met to produce consistent, dependable quality. Packaging for the medical industry must be durable and perform well to achieve long-term shelf-life capability, and LPS Industries offers unique solutions to manufacturers in the medical field. Our flexible medical packaging is easy to use, cost-effective, and ready for shipping with 100% supply chain traceability. With an ISO-certified manufacturing process, we are able to produce flexible medical packaging with reclosable options that don’t sacrifice quality or protection.

Applications of Flexible Medical Packaging

There are various medical products that can utilize flexible medical packaging and pass benefits on to customers and end-users. In each case, our packaging offers protection against UV lighting, moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants that could alter the enclosed products or, in the case of test kits and swabs, produce compromised results. Common products that utilize flexible medical packaging include:

  • ELISA Tests
  • Point of Care Tests
  • Diagnostic Test Kits
  • Medical Devices
  • Applicators
  • Medical Swabs
  • Medical Wipes
  • Foil Lined Specimen Mailers
  • Medical Mailers

Biohazard Specimen Bags

A prime example of our flexible medical packaging, our custom-manufactured biohazard specimen bags are designed to meet OSHA specifications and requirements and are offered in various different sizes and polyethylene gauges and can be printed in up to eight different colors to offer enhanced brand consistency.

  • Securely transport medical specimens
  • Separate pocket to protect paperwork
  • Recloseable or single use with tape closure

Why Choose LPS Industries for Flexible Medical Packaging?

For over 50 years, LPS Industries has been stocking and custom manufacturing flexible medical packaging for the medical and healthcare industries. Our use of 100% recycled polyethylene helps to reduce our impact on the environment, and our experience in producing medical-grade packaging has enabled us to ensure the long-term protection of your products.


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