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What Is A Powerful Packaging Partner And How To Spot One

Successful brand owners need to effectively assemble and manage a wide range of resources. Critical in this process is the selection of supply chain partners who possess three foundational attributes that can be relied upon to consistently deliver across a range of key performance dimensions. While each attribute and performance dimension is important individually, the synergy created when all three of them join forces can have wide ranging impact on a brand’s top and bottom lines. When this convergence occurs, you’ve moved beyond the standard business relationship and entered the realm of working with a Powerful Packaging Partner.

Here at LPS Industries, we’ve committed ourselves to developing strong, long-term relationships, with both customers and supply chain partners. We bring all of our strengths and attributes to every relationship, building upon a foundation of superior service and performance. Consistently delivering across this spectrum is what elevates a relationship from “vendor” or “partner” to “Powerful Packaging Partner”. In fulfilling this role, we’ve built our company on a culture of service, responsiveness and the ability to deliver on the vital dimensions of supply chain partnership, represented by this three-word phrase.

Powerful Packaging Partner

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Innovation and problem solving are two of the most important factors that characterize this dimension. Our forward thinking approach presents powerful possibilities and opportunities that drive the best packaging solutions. We apply it to sourcing and selecting the best materials for each and every job, recommending creative solutions to material construction, and applying the decades of collective expertise we’ve developed, one day at a time since 1959, to meet the needs of a customer. This enables us to be a progressive, solutions-driven organization that is constantly extending its bandwidth and capabilities to meet our clients’ needs today and to be prepared for their future challenges.

Expertise and experience work in concert to deliver the most successful and most client-satisfying solutions. Successfully fulfilling this second dimension demands a team approach that’s comprised of the proper balance between technical knowledge and a proven solutions skillset. At LPS Industries it’s driven by people with a passion for packaging solutions that set the highest standards in quality, performance and efficiency, manufactured by an organization that takes environmental stewardship very seriously.

Our holistic approach to packaging takes us far beyond our “four walls” to observe, evaluate and learn from the many circumstances and situations that influence the smartest packaging decisions. We regularly meet and conduct quality audits of our supply chain partners, focusing on their manufacturing processes and quality programs. For LPS Industries’ customers, it can mean extensive testing to ensure we’re delivering to their performance specifications or spending time at a customer’s site to evaluate any issues they may be experiencing on their packaging lines and suggesting corrective actions to avoid them in the future.

Fulfilling the responsibilities of this attribute is best demonstrated through the sharing of vision and goals. This is equally important with both supply chain and customer partnerships and extends from strategic, executive decisions to the smallest tactical details.

One of the best ways to ensure that everyone is “of one mind” is through a continuous flow of information. LPS Industries prides itself in maintaining open and regular communications with customers as well as up and down the supply chain. It’s a practice that has helped us help our customers take advantage of opportunities while avoiding surprises and problems.

The ultimate reward for Powerful Packaging Partners: shared success for everyone who is a stakeholder.

“These are the standards to which we hold ourselves every day and it is through the daily execution of these three dimensions that valued relationships are created, maintained and prosper.”
Madeleine D. Robinson
CEO, LPS Industries

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