LPS Industries’ Paint Can Shippers Set The Standard for Safe Transport of Materials

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A Trusted Solution in the Hazmat Packaging Industry Has Delivered Superior Value and Customer Satisfaction for Over 40 Years

(Moonachie, NJ – April 2016) Along with online ordering of window treatments, furniture and other interior décor items, comes the ability for do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners to purchase paint, varnish, lacquer and other decorative and protective coatings and have it shipped directly to their residence. Brands like Behr®, Sherwin-Williams® and Benjamin Moore® are revolutionizing the paint selection and buying experience through web-based solutions like Color Smart by Behr, Benjamin Moore Official Online Paint Store, and Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap®. Large retailers like The Home Depot®, Lowes®, and Amazon.com® are further supporting this trend, making paint and related products easily available for online purchase.

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While retailers are making access and purchasing easier, providing home delivery convenience to the DIYer raises important logistical challenges. After the on-line sale, every retailer faces the obligation to properly ship items like paints and other coatings, which are considered Hazardous Materials, in a safe and compliant manner. The solution can be found with supply chain partners who don’t enjoy ‘household name’ recognition but play a critical role in empowering consumers to buy what they want, when they want it, and receive the goods quickly and safely. One such behind-the-scenes company is specialty packaging manufacturer LPS Industries in Moonachie NJ.


When a manufacturer ships a paint, specialty chemical or coating to a customer, the packaging must satisfy specific federal regulations. These regulations encompass requirements established by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and if the shipment is international, the United Nations. Over 20 years ago, LPS Industries took the industry lead in developing a product that met all regulations in a best-in-class manner, while providing “best total value” for its customers.

The LPS Industries Foam Cap Paint Can Shipper is fully compliant with all DOT and UN regulations, allowing it to be used both domestically and internationally whether the shipment travels by truck, train or air. LPS recently introduced a new, cost-effective member of this product family, a paint can shipper for ground only transit, for customers that do not have the need to ship by air or internationally. Both styles of paint can shippers are also approved, certified and in full compliance with requirements of 49 CFR (HM 181) and are UPS approved. Whether for ground shipping only or for multi-mode transportation, both types are available in one, two or four-pack sets.

The distinguishing feature of the LPS Foam Cap Paint Can Shipper that sets it apart from similar product is that the can is surrounded and held in place by inserts to prevent shifting while in transit. The LPS Paint Can Shipper uses foam inserts which deliver superior performance. This performance level has been confirmed during its certification process, using drop, stacking, vibration and pressure tests to demonstrate that the foam cushioning better protects the can walls (and contents) from impact shock. In addition, the LPS Paint Can Shipper uses the same structure of foam inserts for both quart and gallon sized containers. This unique characteristic reduces inventory and also simplifies the packing and shipping process.


The LPS shippers are also the easiest to use. LPS has eliminated any assembly and closure guesswork by providing easy-to-follow visual and text instructions right on the outer box for both styles. Simply by following the steps displayed in the pictograph, contents are safe, secure, and ready to be shipped. Full packaging instructions also are available on the LPS website.


In addition to use for paint and coatings, the LPS shippers are also designed and approved for shipping a wide variety of liquid format specialty chemicals and coatings.  “If it is applied with a brush or roller, it is likely a perfect product for our Paint Can Shipper,” comments Charles Ardman, Vice President of Marketing for LPS Industries. Both the all-transport version and ground only systems are available in single, two- and four-pack sets. All of the components of both Paint Can Shipper systems are manufactured in the USA, for superior quality control.


To learn more about LPS Industries’ proven, compliant, and trusted packaging solutions for the safe transport of hazardous materials, call 1-800-275-6577.