F-Style Can Shipping Packaging

F-Style One Gallon Metal Can Shippers

Safely transport liquids in our UN rated F-Style packages. They are in full compliance with the performance-oriented packing requirements of 49 CFR (HM 181), IMDG and IATA/ICAO. Our packs meet the 4G, Packing Group II, for medium danger materials (specific gravity not to exceed 1.5).

All corrugated F-Style Shipper

Our all-corrugated F-Style shipper is a 275# test, double-walled carton bearing UN markings. The pack is available as a single shipper (shown above), and also as a 2 X 1 Gallon and 4 X 1 Gallon pack for shipping F-Style cans. For the multiple packs, the single shipper (P/N FPACK) is used as an inner package for each can when used with our UN marked 2 or 4 pack outer cartons.

* Cans sold separately

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