DOT 8249 Exemption Package

Our superior DOT exempt (DOT-SP 8249) UN packaging system enables you to meet your liquid and solid toxic / poison hazardous material transport obligations safely and effectively. This packaging is so effective in eliminating risk that the D.O.T. has authorized its use in transporting such hazardous materials without the “Toxic/Poison” label.

The use of this “Exempt Pack” allows you to ship the following dangerous goods and chemicals with quantity limits not exceeding one liter for liquids or 2.85 kilograms (6 1/4 pounds) for:

  • solids
  • flammable liquids
  • oxidizers
  • flammable solids
  • organic peroxides
  • pyrophoric materials
  • toxic materials
  • self-heating materials
  • corrosive materials
  • dangerous when wet materials
  • miscellaneous hazardous materials

DOT-SP 8249 has been tested in accordance with 49 CFR 178.601 Variation (2). This allows different primary containers to be used without re-testing of the outer packaging. The outer pack bears 4GV markings. To comply, maximum gross weight limitations cannot be exceeded. The packaging consists of the following components along with complete instructions for assembly:

  • 1 multiple friction can and 1 locking ring for package #2 only
  • 1 interior zippered bag
  • 1 interior 275# corrugated single-walled carton
  • 1 exterior zippered bag
  • 1 exterior 350# corrugated double-walled carton

Package #2 and #2A come complete as single-pack sets. Exterior cartons are available for shipping two or four single-packs together. When shipping liquids, pyrophoric solids or dangerous when wet materials, package #2 (liquid pack) must be used.

LPS provides the exact primary container tested in the pack and authorized for use.

**Cellulose wadding (required for compliance) is sold separately. Bottles also sold separately.

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