DOT Packaging Specifications – DOT 8249 Exempt

DOT Packaging Specifications

The shipping and distribution of hazardous materials requires a lot of care and attention and must also meet certain Department of Transportation (DOT) packaging specifications. When manufacturing packaging options for hazardous materials, we take special care to ensure that each and every product meets the requirements set by the DOT and displays the appropriate UN specification markings.

Requirements of DOT Packaging Regulations

The DOT packaging specifications for hazardous materials differs between product classification. Depending on the type of product you’re shipping, the packaging process, assembly, and structure will differ. For example, hazardous liquids must be placed in an inner bag which is then bundled and boxed. That box is then placed into an outer bag, and that bag is placed in an outer box. Ensuring that we meet all the requirements of the DOT means we can help reduce the number of hazardous spills and contaminations during the shipping process.

UN Specification Markings

In addition to proper package assembly for hazardous materials, each package must be properly labeled with UN specification markings. These markings are globally recognized and indicate specific classification information about the hazardous materials being shipped. These marking may seem complicated, but a quick breakdown helps to identify the product inside.

The first code of numbers/letters defines the type of container and the packaging material. The second and third codes provide information about the mass, relative density, state, and pressures of the product. The last code states the year of manufacture, and each product must also state the approval country and display the manufacturer’s identification number.

Why Choose LPS Industries for DOT Compliant Packaging?

At LPS Industries, we are proud to use cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with options for every application. By providing our customers with DOT-compliant packaging, we help businesses ship their hazardous materials safely to their destination.

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