Specifications For Corrugated Only Air Approved 4G Combination Pack For
F-Style Gallon Can

Single Pack Set: Two-Pack Set: Four-Pack Set:
Components: Components: Components:
1 each FPACK Single UN Carton
(275# double wall corrugated)
1 each FPACK2 Outer UN Carton
(275# single wall corrugated)
2 each FPACK Single UN Carton
(275# double walled corrugated)
1 each FPACK4 Outer UN Carton
(275# single wall corrugated)
4 each FPACK Single Inner Carton
(275# double walled corrugated)
Product No. Description Unit Count Unit Weight
FPACK* single carton only for single can 25/Bundle 14#
FPACK2* outer box for 2 single cartons. 25/Bundle 18#
FPACK4* outer box for 4 single ctns. 25/Bundle 35#
FCAN F-style can with lid 40/case 35#

* FPACK single cartons must be used as an inner package with the FPACK2 or FPACK4 outer box. Corrugated-Only Packs are NOT sold as kits. Components must be purchased separately.

LPS assumes no responsibility for package integrity and compliance with ICAO/IATA, IMO and UN standards and regulations unless all package components are assembled and purchased as a single integrated unit.

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