Transparent Metallic Static

Shielding Bags

Static shielding bags use a transparent laminate that works to combat static conditions and shield products from electrostatic discharge. Similar to anti-static bags, they are used to protect a wide range of products and prevent the generation of static that could otherwise damage the internal contents. The exterior of the bags use a metalized polyester to further reduce static from external sources and offers unparalleled protection for products that will be reused or handled multiple times by different parties. In the case of anti-static bags, protection is provided internally only which can fulfill the needs of numerous products.

Applications of Static Shielding Bags and Anti-Static Bags

Sensitive electronic components such as chips, motherboards, and other circuit board style products are often packaged in static shielding bags or anti-static bags to ensure that they are protected during storage and transport. The bags use a seal to ensure that no moisture, oxygen, or static can affect the internal contents, but it’s important to use padding for sharp objects that could otherwise compromise the seal and produce negative effects. Some products may require static shielding bags that can protect against electrostatic discharge, while others can be packaged safely in anti-static bags (without electrostatic discharge protection).

Why Choose LPS Industries for Static Shielding Bags?

LPS Industries stocks and manufactures custom packaging for a variety of products in the agri-chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, food and snacks, and pet food spaces, among others. For over 50 years, we have continued to set and surpass our goals for creating unique, innovative packaging products using recycled materials and renewable energy sources. By committing to reducing our environmental impact without sacrificing high-quality production, we’re able to provide durable static shielding bags and anti-static bags to meet the needs of our customers and help them deliver quality products to their customers and end-users.

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