Custom Printed Rollstock Film Laminate Using Solventless Technology

A variety of laminates is available with flexography printing up to eight color process.

  • Film-to-Film: Clear, Opaque
  • Metallized
  • Film-to-Foil
  • Paper-to-Foil

rollstock laminated film

Reasonable minimums, excellent turnaround


Solventless Lamination

LPS Industries has recently brought on line a solventless laminator; a potentially important asset for pet food, condiment and spice packagers.

The solventless feature diminishes the potential of compromising product ingredients through odors associated with solvent migration.

According to Jack Cunneen, LPS Industries VP Sales, “Eliminating the use of strong smelling solvents during lamination can be an important feature when packaging for odor sensitive pets.”

Our advanced barrier protection keeps fragrance in and odors out, offering all the barrier protection pet food, spices, etc. packaging requires,” Cunneen said. “In-house lamination also contributes to the rapid turnaround rates LPS typically delivers to customers.”