Laminated Roll Stock Packaging

With hundreds of thousands of different merchandise, food, and products out in the market today, laminated roll stock packaging has become increasingly popular. Roll stock packaging is printed and laminated film on a roll that is then used with machinery that forms a package, fills it with product, and seals the bag. The unique, flexible features of this packaging method make it especially convenient for packaging products of all different kinds. From nuts and snacks to agri-chemical materials, laminated roll stock packaging offers flexible protection from odors, moisture, and other environmental stresses.

Flexible Packaging Roll Stock Options Available at LPS Industries

Military Specification Roll Stock
Many industries, including the military, have specifications and standards that must continually be met. We offer military specification roll stock for various applications that have been manufactured in conformance with the many methods and materials specified under an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality program.

Custom Printed Roll Stock Film Laminate Using Solventless Technology
Perfect for single-use applications such as fruit snack bags, coffee, tea, and pet food, our custom printed roll stock film packaging offers solventless protection from odor, moisture, UV lighting, and oxygen.

Stock Laminated Roll Stock Using Solventless Technology
Material lamination is necessary for manufacturing quality flexible roll stock packaging; however, no one wants to open their package with the strong smell of solvents present. That’s why we use a solventless laminator at LPS Industries to help keep fragrance in and odors out.

Why Choose LPS Industries for Laminated Roll Stock Packaging?

With several decades of experience in the flexible packaging industry specializing in the custom manufacturing of roll stock film packaging, IPS Industries continues to uphold high-quality standards. For the past 50 years, we have provided our customers with unique flexible packaging solutions in a variety of markets, and continually adapt and innovate as our customers’ needs change.