LPS Industries’ Loc-Top® Metallic Static Shielding Resealable Plastic Bags

If you’re in the business of selling and shipping electronic components and parts, you know that it’s crucial to maintain a static-free environment so that they are safe from the harmful effects of static electricity. Our top-of-the-line Loc-Top® metallic static shielding resealable plastic bags are manufactured with layered lamination to help prevent the generation of static energy both inside and outside of the bag. In addition, the metallic quality offers optimum static shielding for any product being shipped within, making it a great option to ship sensitive electronic pieces.

LPS Industries Resealable Packaging Bags

We offer our Loc-Top® metallic static shielding resealable plastic bags in both flat and zippered bags, but our most popular style would be our resealable packaging bags. The incorporation of our unique multi-track, antistatic zipper allows for easy opening and closing without compromising the antistatic properties of the resealable packaging bags. So, if you need antistatic packaging that can be reused many times without degradation, our resealable packaging bags are the product for you.

Choose LPS Industries for Your Flexible Packaging Needs

At LPS Industries, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the quality products they need. So much so that we adapt to an ever-changing market to ensure that we can develop new products that meet the complex needs of packaging today. We continue to fund a modern research and development lab to remain on top of product innovation and quality assurance. In addition to our passion for R&D, each member of the LPS team is committed to providing customers with quality resealable packaging bags, excellent customer support, and top of the line service.

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