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2019 Flexible Packaging Trends  An Overview

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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, packaging by manufacturers for consumers plays a key role in generating successful sales. LPS Industries is at the forefront of the packaging field particularly when it comes to flexible packaging products including the food, medical, veterinary and industrial categories.

What follows below is a comprehensive compilation of 2018 flexible packaging trends underscoring the pre-eminence of LPS packaging quality and versatility.

Sustainable Food Packaging
The food industry is, in many cases, extremely reliant on protective wrapping for its highly perishable products. As a result, a large percentage of food manufacturers have shifted to flexible packaging products for their notable benefits in terms of sustainability and high barrier protection against oxygen and moisture. A large part of that sustainability can be attributed to the use of recyclable materials.

Recyclable packaging materials are especially favored by consumers for protecting the environment. What’s more, their lightweight, easy-to-carry characteristics make them very popular with children and elderly people. This popularity is further enhanced by a variety of packaging disposal options.

Different Printing Effects and Colors on Packaging
Traditionally, both national and private brands employ impactful, attention-getting strategies to engage more buyer purchasing. Key among those strategies is the look and uniqueness of the packaging. To this end, packaging designers rely heavily on different visual effects incorporating vibrant colors. These vibrant colors are then enhanced by the use of soft-touch finishes, foils and special varnishes all comprising the latest packaging trends.

Use of Pouches
LPS Industries prides itself on being ahead of the curve when it comes to state-of-the-art packaging. This is entirely self-evident in its advanced engineering of flexible packaging products like pouches.
Today, a variety of our pouches have replaced the traditional cans and glass containers that were so pervasive in prior decades. Now, pouches have become the norm for everything from baby food, animal food, dried fruit and nuts to items like sour cream, pickles, olives and even yogurt. Although there are many types of pouches, LPS is a stand-up pouch manufacturer of the highest caliber for many of its customers who prefer the package’s ability to stand out on the shelf and demand more attention.

This stand-up design is also popular by a majority of consumers because of its lightweight, easy-to-open and reclosable features.

Transparent Packaging
Another noteworthy trend in product packaging today is the frequent use of transparent packaging. It provides more added shelf value by allowing consumers to see the product prior to purchase. Furthermore, this “see-through” characteristic gives the brand a competitive edge when standing alongside a similar product lacking this transparency because consumers are more inclined to choose the package displaying the product instead.

Small Packaging
The age of “Bigger is Better” has now been replaced by “small is beautiful”. In a world of overcrowded consumer brands, smaller packaging is now the preferred choice for a number of good reasons. First, smaller packages allow for the storage of more products in a given shelf space. In addition, construction of smaller size packages requires minimum amount of materials to produce each one, reducing waste and unnecessary expenditures. Finally, this “down-sizing” of the packaging demands a sleeker design that attracts many more buyers.

Flexible Packaging in Shipping
The advent of LPS flexible packaging products has provided a sorely needed lightweight alternative ideal for today’s shipping purposes. Although some situations may still require heavy packaging, more and more product manufacturers are opting for flexible as a quicker, more affordable means to get the job done.

Bottom Line
LPS packaging has been making its mark in the burgeoning flexible packaging arena, delivering great sustainability, functionality and substantial product protection.