Renewable Energy

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LPS Industries took a significant step forward in 2010 in support of our sustainability strategy by commissioning a rooftop solar power system. In conjunction with our participation in the EPA’s Green Power Partnership and purchase of wind generated electricity, approximately 50% of our annual electric usage is from renewable sources.

What Are the Benefits Manufacturing With Renewable Energy?

For the environment

  • Significantly reduces the amount of fossil fuel required to produce the energy we consume
  • Significantly reduces the corresponding emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants
  • The combined effect of using solar and wind generated electricity eliminates over 2.2 million pounds of CO2 annually. It is the equivalent of removing 186 cars from the road or powering over 200 residential homes for a year.

For brand owners

  • Using flexible packaging manufactured with renewable energy can complement your corporate sustainability goals and be a tangible component of your environmental impact initiatives
  • Flexible packaging manufactured with renewable energy will distinguish your products by offering consumers the opportunity to help the environment by purchasing your product as their brand of choice. It is a clear and easy value proposition to promote.

We”re proud of our recently commissioned 825,000 kWh solar panel system and wanted to share some images. We’ve also captured a walk around the roof on HD video and posted it on YouTube. We hope you enjoy the “tour”!

solar array solar panels solar production
roof top solar energy production aerial photo of LPS roof top solar installation renewable solar energy installation
renewable solar energy production sustainable solar energy green energy green solar energy
Production 825,000 kWh
Percent annual usage from solar 25%
Number of panels 3,870
Roof Size 165,000 square feet
Installation Size 85,000 square feet
Environmental Impact Eliminates over 1,100,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually